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Spend an amazing time in Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands!

We are located in the beautiful Adeje, the most cultural and colourful town in the south of Tenerife.

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Spanish Courses in Tenerife – Learn Spanish in Spain

why us


Our teaching concept is based on practical experience and communication. We offer you one-of-a-kind experiences while learning Spanish to a high quality standard with native teachers.

Spanish Courses


At SMS Spanish Experience we offer you a wide range of courses that cover different needs, from a small group classes a few times per week in our progressive courses to very effective intensive courses and more flexible individual custom classes.  

Why Tenerife


Tenerife is known as an island of eternal spring. Here you can enjoy warm temperatures throughout the whole year and immerse into the vibrant life of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Learn Spanish in the beautiful surrounding of Tenerife
  • Flexible course types adaptable to your needs with different Spanish levels.
  • Unique methodology based on communication and practical experience, with useful Spanish phrases for conversation.
  • Welcoming and vibrant atmosphere created by our happy team
  • Modern and high quality facilities
  • Numerous school activities and excursion possibilities

Adriana (from Slovakia)


I have attended a course at SMS Spanish Experience to improve my Spanish and I’m really satisfied. The atmosphere was very friendly and young. The teacher irradiated a lot of energy and professionalism and the whole teaching process was very suitable to learn what I wanted to know. Additionally I received of lot of information about interesting places to visit nearby. I can highly recommend the school to all those, who would like to come to Tenerife and improve their Spanish.

Jana (from Czech Republic)


I attended an Intensive Course in this new modern language school in Adeje. I can say our teacher Seila really loves her job! She puts more than 100% into the lessons! I’m looking forward for the next level :).

Saverio (from Italy)


Great school, very friendly staff and nice atmosphere! Thanks to my very practical Spanish course I was even able to find a job in Tenerife sooner than I thought. A fantastic experience, I would definitely recommend it!

Lahcen (from Morroco)


I´m Lahcen and I´m very happy being a student at this school. I would really like to thank our teacher Seila, who is very kind and pleasant person. With her I learn best!

The most efficient way to learn a new language is full linguistic immersion. Although there are 24 countries where Spanish is widely spoken we highly recommend to take spanish lessons in Tenerife, Spain.

So why should you take Spanish courses in Tenerife:

  • Multiple research results show that we learn best when stress is removed and SMS Spanish Experience Tenerife Spanish School is build based on this idea.
  • Canarian accent is considered to be one of the most beautiful and has been voted by Tripadvisor the sexiest in Spain. Canary islands have always been a bridge for migrants between continents and as a result when you learn spanish in Tenerife you get to hear people from many of those 24 countries in one place. As you can imagine it helps you to blend in easily when you start travelling all spanish speaking countries.
  • Spanish grammar is complex, and the way natives use it is different from area to area. People in the Canary island tend to use the most comprehensive grammar structures (have you heard of Subjuntivo?), which allows you to put all that you learn into practice right when you step out of the door. Canarian way of talking is considered to be the most polite, so even if your Spanish isn’t perfect, one thing you shouldn’t worry about is being accidentaly mean due to lack of knowledge.

Intensive Spanish Courses in Tenerife is the fastest way to become fluent in Spanish. You go to classes every day and gain a lot of new skills in action oriented approach and when your lesson at SMS Spanish Experience is over you get to experience real life Spanish all around you. We can talk non-stop about benefits of taking classes every day being in Spanish speaking country. How about this one: when you encounter a problem or not exactly sure how to manage a vocabulary or grammar outside the school, your teacher is there the same or next day! You sure get the most out of spanish courses in Tenerife!

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