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We are located in the beautiful Adeje, the most cultural and colourful town in the south of Tenerife.

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Spanish Courses in Tenerife – Learn Spanish in Spain

why us


Our teaching concept is based on practical experience and communication. We offer you one-of-a-kind experiences while learning Spanish to a high quality standard with native teachers.

Spanish Courses


At SMS Spanish Experience we offer you a wide range of courses that cover different needs, from very effective intensive courses to more flexible individual custom classes.  

Why Tenerife


Tenerife is known as an island of eternal spring. Here you can enjoy warm temperatures throughout the whole year and immerse into the vibrant life of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Learn Spanish in the beautiful surrounding of Tenerife
  • Flexible course types adaptable to your needs with different Spanish levels.
  • Unique methodology based on communication and practical experience, with useful Spanish phrases for conversation.
  • Welcoming and vibrant atmosphere created by our happy team
  • Modern and high quality facilities
  • Numerous school activities and excursion possibilities

Adriana (from Slovakia)


I have attended a course at SMS Spanish Experience to improve my Spanish and I’m really satisfied. The atmosphere was very friendly and young. The teacher irradiated a lot of energy and professionalism and the whole teaching process was very suitable to learn what I wanted to know. Additionally I received of lot of information about interesting places to visit nearby. I can highly recommend the school to all those, who would like to come to Tenerife and improve their Spanish.

Jana (from Czech Republic)


I attended an Intensive Course in this new modern language school in Adeje. I can say our teacher Seila really loves her job! She puts more than 100% into the lessons! I’m looking forward for the next level :).

Saverio (from Italy)


Great school, very friendly staff and nice atmosphere! Thanks to my very practical Spanish course I was even able to find a job in Tenerife sooner than I thought. A fantastic experience, I would definitely recommend it!

Lahcen (from Morroco)


I´m Lahcen and I´m very happy being a student at this school. I would really like to thank our teacher Seila, who is very kind and pleasant person. With her I learn best!

Spanish courses in Tenerife

In SMS-Spanish we provide Spanish courses in Tenerife for people who need learn Spanish quickly. Study Spanish lessons is the only way to start to speak and understand the language, but there is a best way to improve your level, living in Spain while you are developing your Spanish knowledge.

Study Spanish in Spain allows you to practise all the knowledge that you acquired in the classroom, speaking with Spanish people every day using their language. Our Spanish courses are designed to every level, from people who is starting to learn Spanish to students who just want to perfect their speaking skills.

Studying with us you’ll have the best of study academically and all the possibilities that this island is offering to you, like live in a Spanish environment full of Spanish speakers with different accents.

If you need to get particular concepts of Spanish quickly or you want to study this language in a general way, just contact with us, we can provide you the kind of course that you are looking for, in a dreamed place for living.

Learn Spanish language in Tenerife

Canary Islands is a very particular place in Spanish territory. This group of islands are a small archipelago close to Morocco and Western Sahara, therefore close to Africa.

The weather in Canary Islands is soft the whole year. This combination of tropical and desert climate generates hot winters and tempered summers. Live here is a privilege, the life in the islands is intense, there are lots of things to do through the islands, especially in Tenerife.

Tenerife is the perfect place for relaxing, practise sport activities and enjoy the Spanish culture and the particular Canary way of life. You’ll be in a little piece of paradise, enjoying an unforgettable experience with people like you, who are coming here to learn Spanish with intensive and adapted courses.

There are many reasons for coming to Tenerife on holydays, if you have the opportunity to stay here for a long time learning the language, you won’t regret. In SMS-Spanish we help you to know the island, so you can integrate for the first moment in this place full of things to do and learn.

Spanish school in Tenerife

Spanish classes have to be adapted to different people. We know that not everybody has the same needs when they choose a Spanish language course in Tenerife. Our objective is to offer particular classes adjusted to every pupil, with lessons that they could use in their daily life living in Tenerife. It’s not only to memorize grammar and vocabulary, we try to get that our pupils will be able to speak, listen and understand high level Spanish.

For us, practical skills are the main goal, so we work with our students to grow that kind of abilities, that allow them to communicate with Canary people in the island. It’s not necessary to have a good Spanish level before to come here, with our own method to learn basic Spanish, even people who never studied it can be speaking shortly with Spanish people.

Tenerife is an island full of things to do. One of the most famous volcanoes of the world is located here. The Teide is a huge volcano located in the centre of the island, it is surrounded by the National Park of Teide, an amazing view made of volcanic stones. There are different theme parks, a beautiful historic centre and in this place you will find some of the best seashores of Spain, quiet beaches where you can relax and practise your Spanish.

The fastest way to study Spanish in Spain

Experiment a new culture is the best way to learn Spanish fast. Probably you are thinking: “I want to learn Spanish, but I need Spanish lessons for beginners, I can’t live in Spain by now because I don’t know nothing about the language”, it doesn’t matter, our own method provides you all the skills you need to speak Spanish from the first week. In a few weeks you could speak the language with Spanish people, using a fluent level, and you will have discover a new place where life is beautiful every day.

Our Spanish courses are developed for different people, for example, we have intensive Spanish courses for people who need a quick learning. We have as well progressive courses and classes for people with more than 50 years, with adapted material. If you need Spanish for kids, individual classes or special courses just contact us.

Other services that we provide is the accommodation and transfer, you can choose the best option for you among our partners along the island, don’t care about nothing, just come with us to the paradise, enjoy your stay here and learn Spanish in a different way.

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