Best Spanish Immersion

Special Courses

All our Special Courses are literally different from the standard offering. We are aware, that the standard course offering of Intensive, Progressive and Individual Courses cannot cover the needs of all Spanish learners. That’s why we created a series of Special Courses, covering the preferences of certain student groups.

Please note that we are continuously working on our course offering. We are happy to receive your requests for courses or learning possibilities that are not listed on our webpage. Just tell us, which kind of course experience you have in mind and we will do our best to bring your imagination to reality.

DELE Preparation Course

A DELE certification of your Spanish level can be necessary for many reasons, such as job offers, applications for universities or educational programmes. The DELE exams require a certain amount of preparation by the student, testing their skills in reading, writing, listening and oral communication over several hours. As this can be intimidating, we offer you our DELE preparation course, that will prime you for the challenge of the exam and will help you to pass successfully.

Business Courses

Using the Spanish language in the working environment requires a more specialised vocabulary and different terms of communication, than the colloquial language does. Therefore we can offer you, to organise your course focussed on Business Spanish. This addresses students, who need to acquire a specific kind of Spanish knowledge to improve their professional life.

Spanish for Companies

The trend of internationally oriented work relations is still rising. Many companies maintain business relationships with Spanish speaking countries or plan to do so in the near future. It is therefore important to prepare employees appropriately for the new challenges in their field of work. We can offer your company specialised packages for educational training in the Spanish language. Additionally we can create you a programme including Team Building exercises that can be of great value to your employees.  This can be a company outing in the form of a trip to Tenerife or, if your company is already on location, we can even let the teacher come to you.


 Junior Courses

Learning a second language at a young age can have many advantages. Also, many residents’ children are often confronted with problems when getting used to the new surrounding at school and with new Spanish friends. For this and many other reasons we are happy to offer our youngest learners special courses to learn Spanish in a fun and playful way.  



Spanish Online

Although it is hard to accept, but every Spanish course has an end. But that doesn’t mean, that you will have to stop learning on your return back home. You can keep on with Spanish classes by booking an Online Course with us. This is also a nice alternative to start learning, when your next flight to Tenerife is still some time away. The only thing you will need is a computer and an adequate internet connection.

Best Spanish Immersion Programs

Please contact us, if you are interested in one of the above mentioned courses or if you are searching for a different one.