Terms and Conditions SMS Spanish Experience S.L.

  1. General booking conditions

  1. The booking serves as a binding agreement between the student and SMS Spanish Experience S.L. (referred to hereafter as SMS S.L.). By confirming the booking SMS S.L. therefore enters an agreement to provide language classes as per the scope specified in the invoice issued to the student. By placing the booking the student enters a commitment  to pay the course fees as specified in the invoice received and to attend the course in full. Such a booking is deemed confirmed, once the student receives written confirmation from SMS S.L., upon fulfilment of all steps necessary to complete such a booking. Without a written acknowledgement of the enrolment, the student has no right to participate in a course.
  2. The student must be minimum 18 years old to enrol with the school, there is no maximum age for the participation in a course. Students aged 16-18 years may participate in the course only with the consent of their parent or legal guardian. Children under 16 years old can only be taught in private lessons or special children courses if communicated so by the school and only with the consent of their parent or legal guardian. Parents and guardians must fill in a special form for underaged students upon their arrival. Please note that underage students will not be supervised unless in the classes and free time activities organised by the school.
  3. A place in a group course or private classes at SMS S.L. is guaranteed as soon as the following conditions have been fulfilled by the student:
    • Registration fee of 50 euros has been paid.
    • Spanish language knowledge level test result, consisting of two parts: written and oral. Both parts of the test are obligatory to complete the booking.
    • Payment for a group course or individual classes according to invoiced amount and dates payable is received by SMS S.L.
  1. Please read and check that your booking details are accurate before sending them to us. SMS S.L. can not be held liable for any events that occur due to incorrect information provided in the booking form. In case of questions or doubts please contact us before submitting your booking to avoid any inconveniences. If we are not able to confirm your booking, we will inform you about it as soon as possible.
  1. Booking process and payment

  1. The student has to fill in the booking form to initiate the booking process.
  2. The written part of the Spanish language knowledge test is provided to the student by SMS S.L. upon receipt of the booking form. We consider the proper placement of students according to their Spanish language level into the group courses very important and will not accept any bookings without testing knowledge level.
  3. After submitting the written part of the test, the student will be provided with initial level guidance. Please note the result of the written test does not guarantee placement at this exact level, because oral test results are a mandatory part of the placement. Payment of the inscription fee will be considered as acceptance of the initially proposed level determined by the written test.
  4. The second part of the Spanish language knowledge test the oral test will be scheduled via Google Meet, Whatsapp call, phone, Skype or in person. The inscription fee must be transferred to SMS S. a maximum of 5 days after the invoice has been received by the student and always prior to the oral test. Failure to pay the inscription fee will result in the cancellation of the scheduled oral test appointment.
  5. Once the oral test has been completed by the student, SMS S.L. proceeds with the placement of the student in a group class in accordance with the language skills and preferences communicated earlier. An invoice is issued by SMS S.L. within 2 working days after the oral test results are available. The invoice is a formal offer of the language classes by SMS S.L. to the student. It specifies courses offered, prices and dates, defines the scope of work both parties agree on and steps of payment as well as dates payable.
  6. SMS S.L. general payment terms to guarantee offered courses are:
    • The inscription fee is due upon acceptance of written test results within 5 working days, but not later than 1 day before the scheduled oral test.
    • First payment: 50% of the invoiced amount is due within 5 working days after the invoice has been issued to the student, no later than 30 calendar days prior to the intended start of the classes.
    • Second payment: 50% of the invoice amount is due 21 calendar days prior to the intended start of the classes contracted.
  7. Students failing to comply with the above-mentioned payment steps will result in loss of the right to participate in the course or individual classes and the initial payment will not be refunded to cover occurred efforts.
  8. Shall the student’s intended start of classes be less than 30 calendar days ahead, an alternative payment schedule will be offered in the invoice issued.
  9. For further information please see the cancellation policy.
  10. The payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card at school reception.
    Bank details:
    SMS Spanish Experience
    Oficina 0401 Playa de las Américas
    Avd. Rafael Puig S/N CC Colón, Arona
    IBAN ES63 0081 0401 4800 0144 6154
    Purpose: Student name and invoice number

    Please send us a confirmation of the transfer once it is issued to facilitate confirmation of your booking.

  1. Cancellation Policy and Changes in reservation

  1. Any changes or cancellations are accepted from the student in a written form, the day of confirmation of receipt of this request by SMS S.L. is considered the day of change request/cancellation.
  2. Cancellation
    • All courses and individual classes purchased through an offer will not be refundable under any circumstances.
    • SMS S.L. will issue a refund within 30 days after cancellation date with deduction of cancellation fees, according to when cancellation request has been received:
      • 30 calendar days prior to the intended course start date – inscription fee amount.
      • 29 – 14 calendar days prior to the intended course start date – inscription fee and 50% of the total amount of the booking.
      • 13 or fewer calendar days prior to the intended course start date – inscription fee and the total amount of the booking.
    • Cancellation due to COVID-19: If the student decides to cancel the course, he/she will have the option to reschedule the course or change it to online courses without any additional charge. In case these options are not possible, the student will receive a refund of the amount paid to SMS Spanish Experience S.L. in the event of these situations occurring:
      • Total confinement in Tenerife.
      • Restrictions or prohibitions on travel in the student’s country of origin.
      • The student is positive for COVID-19 and cannot travel to Tenerife. You must present an official document with the result of your PCR test.
      • If the student cancels his stay due to other circumstances because of COVID-19, our above mentioned cancellation conditions apply.
  3. Change:
    • For changes of course dates, course type or other significant changes that are required by the student after the booking confirmation, we reserve the right to apply an administration fee of 50 euro. An invoice for this amount is issued to the student and confirmation of the new booking is provided upon receipt of this payment.
    • SMS S.L. will accommodate the changes when possible, considering the impact on fellow students. In cases when the total amount payable for the booking in question is affected by the changes, the difference in the amount outstanding will be invoiced to the student at the time of the request.
  1. Events Outside of Control

SMS S.L. reserves the right to cancel a course or individual classes, or make changes in the arrangements, as a result of Events Outside of Control. An Event Outside of Control means any event outside our influence including but not limited to weather conditions and natural disasters, strikes, attacks or threats. Shall such an event occur, SMS S.L. will contact the student as soon as possible and when applicable, offer alternative arrangements for the booking affected.

  1. Students Failure to Attend the Course

SMS S.L. does not refund paid course fees or cancellation fees due for courses for the reason of illness or other personal reasons preventing the student from attending the courses. Thereby we strongly recommended our students to consider ensuring their risks in case of cancellation. SMS S.L. does not provide travel or health insurance and can not be held responsible for any problems that may arise during students stay in Tenerife. It remains student’s responsibility to obtain an appropriate insurance based on the length of their stay and other conditions applicable.

  1. Accommodation and Activities

SMS S.L. may act as a liaison between students and third party providers of accommodation and leisure activities. Fees associated are separate from tuition fees invoiced by SMS S.L. Change and cancellation policies established by third parties, providers of the services, apply in this case. The school provides any assistance to the student as intermediary only, third party terms and conditions apply for any such services and SMS S.L. will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by third parties.

  1. Holidays

    • SMS S.L. will close on the established holidays announced by the town hall of Adeje:
      2022 – 01.01, 06.01, 20.01, 14.04, 15.04, 30.05, 15.08, 10.10, 12.10, 01.11, 06.12, 08.12, 26.12.

      On such holidays the school will not refund the fee for the missed course day, but there will be, whenever possible, an alternative cultural activity offered to the student for the same day when classes will not take place. Besides the holidays specified above, SMS S.L. is open throughout the whole year if not communicated otherwise.

  2. Course conditions

    • All courses must be completed within a maximum period of one year from the moment of purchase. In the event that the student wishes to extend this period, they must notify SMS S.L. at least 30 days in advance.
    • SMS S.L. has a minimum and a maximum number of students required for each type of courses offered. 

Type of group course

Minimum number of students

Maximum number of students

Intensive 20 (I-20)



Intensive 10 (I-10)



    • Should there be fewer students, SMS S.L. reserves the right to cancel, postpone the course or hold the course with a reduced number of hours.
    • In the case where the course level does not correspond to the student’s Spanish language level, despite the language test, SMS S.L. reserves the right to offer such students an alternative course that better accommodates the student’s level. Shall a student insist on a change of group during his course, in spite of academic personnel not supporting the opinion, the change can only take place if an adequate alternative group exists, such a change doesn’t disrupt group activities and upon student’s acceptance of form for the course change.
    • The student must attend a minimum of 80% of the course to be able to receive a certificate of participation.
    • If the student misses group classes, those classes cannot be recovered. However, with early communication of the absence, the teacher may give the student the processed content of the missed classes. In the case of individual classes, the student must send notice to SMS S.L. the day before, not later than 04:00 pm to reserve the right to switch the date of classes. Otherwise, if short-termed modifications of planning are impossible, the school reserves the right to stick with the original timetable and the student will be charged the individual class in question.
    • We kindly ask students with disabilities or special educational needs to inform us about such prior to their arrival at the language school, so that we can ensure them the best possible support during their stay.
    • It is usually possible to extend a language course length when there is a place available. The student shall inform SMS S.L. as soon as
  1. Special terms

  1. We may take pictures, record sound and video during our classes and school activities for the purpose of promoting the school and its activities. By accepting these terms and conditions the student accepts to be part of such image and film material and gives consent that these materials may be used for promotional purposes. Shall the student wish not to appear in these materials, the school must be informed in the written form beforehand or upon arrival at the school.
  2. The student must comply throughout the whole stay with the laws and customs of the location of SMS S.L., which is in Adeje – Tenerife- Spain. The school reserves the right to immediately expel a student without prior formal notice and with no refund of the invoiced fees, in the event of misconduct, lack of respect and/or violent behaviour towards the school, fellow students or third parties. The school will terminate the course in case it is notified about violations of Spanish law by the student. Where appropriate, SMS S.L. reserve the right to inform authorities of such violations. In the case of student’s repatriation, SMS S.L. cannot be held liable for any costs associated.
  3. Although employees will always try to help with contacting authorities, SMS S.L. is not liable for any lost / stolen property of the students. Furthermore, the school is not liable for direct or indirect damages, medical care costs, any injury or death happening in the installations unless the liability is proven by local authorities.
  4. Course fees do not include travel and flight arrangements. SMS S.L. is not liable to any losses that may ar
  1. Data Protection

Any personal data transmitted by the student to SMS S.L. will only be processed for the purpose, for which it was supplied. SMS S.L. will not give any personal data to other third parties unless necessary for the services requested by the student and only within the frame of the Data Protection Act.