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50+ Course “Mencey Club”

With the advancing age changes in personal preferences and necessities come into effect: Interests may vary from those from people in their 20s, the way and pace of learning are different as well as the importance of quality takes a higher ground.  

We are aware of the wishes and requirements of students with the age of 50+ and that’s why we guarantee that our students are always in a group where all students share the same interests and objectives.
Our methodology is based on a cultural approach and throughout the year we offer a variety of cultural activities that reflect and adapt to the interests of our students.

But for those students who want something more special, away from any standard touristic program, we have created our course package “Mencey Club”. In this 50+ group course, you will be placed together with other people from all over the world of your age to ensure that you can learn and communicate in a natural, mature and comfortable environment. The course structure is built differently, as it combines specifically structured Spanish classes with an extensive activity program for all participants. The best part of it: you do not need to worry about the organization!

The Mencey Club consists of 10 Spanish classes and 5 classes in Spanish conversation and cultural classes in a group. You will first learn about local customs, traditions, and sights and will then experience them first-hand. Because every single day of classes, you will have the opportunity to participate in special school activities adapted to your learning program. On the weekend you will be able to deepen this adventure during an exciting excursion.

50+ Course “Mencey Club”

You receive:

  • 2 weeks program with 15 Spanish lessons per week, consisting of 10 classes of Spanish language and 5 conversational and cultural classes (the duration of 1 lesson is 45 minutes).
  • Small group, from 3 up to 8 students.
  • Classes with a native and well-experienced teacher.
  • Material, as well as a book for lessons, are included in inscription fee.
  • Thoroughly planned educational and activities program full of historical and cultural aspects to provide a great experience of life in Tenerife. The program includes a minimum one activity on every day of classes and an excursion on the weekend. Those activities could be for example the visit of a banana plantation, a dinner at a typical Canarian restaurant “Guachinche”, specific workshops on traditions and history and many others.

Suitable for:

The “Mencey Club” is dedicated to students of 50 years and above, who would like to enjoy an unforgettable learning experience together with interesting activities, without the need to plan anything on their own. The Spanish course will be adapted to your learning pace and interests and participants with a Spanish level of A2  and advanced can take part. For beginners and students below level A2, we highly recommend to join first a couple of our standard 50+ courses and then step into the unique experience of our “Mencey Club” world. Also, the minimum age for participating in this course is not exclusively set at 50 years, as the idea is dedicated to all mature students, who prefer a different learning atmosphere than in our Intensive Courses and Individual Classes.

Next starting dates:

  • September 2022
  • May 2023

(Please take into account that due to organizational matters inscription will be closed four weeks before course starting date)

Of course, the Mencey club program can always be combined with our other standard courses for 50+.

Don’t miss this very unique experience!

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