Spanish Individual Classes

Individual Classes

The Individual Classes are the more personal and flexible alternative to our Intensive Courses. You will be alone with the teacher and benefit from classes up to the highest standard that are created for your personal demand. Whether you would like to focus only on conversation, improve certain grammatical challenges you are facing, gain special vocabulary for your profession or prepare for an exam – anything is possible.

The Individual Classes can be taken during the whole year from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays. Depending on the time table of each week we will try our best to schedule your sessions at your time preferences. Additionally it is possible to have Individual Classes together with another person with the same level of Spanish knowledge and similar learning goals. Please contact us for further information and we will be glad to find a suitable solution for your wishes.      

The duration of one session is 45 minutes and the minimum booking is 5 units. You can take as many Individual classes as you want, and also define the number of classes already at the location. When planning your learning experience please have in mind that we recommend you not to take more than 2 individual classes per day.  Your personal preferences for the content of the classes will be verified with you in advance.

Individual Classes

You receive:

  • As many Spanish classes as you wish to reserve (booking minimum is 5 units, the duration of 1 lesson is 45 minutes).
  • Individual classes adapted to your personal needs and interests.
  • The possibility, to plan your time schedule with us. Individual Classes are more flexible than the Intensive Courses, as you can distribute them the way you like. Cancellation is free of charge up to the day before at 4:00pm.     
  • Material as well as a book for lessons is included in the inscription fee.
  • Free participation in the school activities.
  • Free access to the alumni group of the school on facebook, where you will get free additional material, advice in case of questions and information regarding the latest news from the school.

Suitable for:

Any student, who prefers to learn individually and not in the atmosphere of a group. Especially students, who need to prepare for exams, job interviews or who need a flexible time schedule benefit from this course type. We also recommend Individual classes to students with the language level C2 and students with special learning needs.

Spanish Particular Lessons

For more information or booking wishes, please contact us.

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