Teaching method and levels

Teaching method and levels

Natural teaching method and spanish levels of SMS Spanish Experience

Teaching method


The SMS Spanish Experience’s teaching method is based on an action-oriented approach. We do not want you to despair of classes, that are too theoretical and only grammar oriented. Our aim is to make you listen, understand and – the most important – to make you talk Spanish.

That is why our methodology has a communicative conception of language and the belief, that learning is constructive and meaningful. You learn by inferring, deducing and relating forms and meanings, using and doing things with the new language. So, in our Spanish school, you will not only learn in an academic way, but you will immerse into Spanish language and its culture.

The way to achieve this will depend on the students’ tastes and style of learning. As SMS Spanish Experience does not follow a rigid methodology, we can provide you with many different and exciting options to learn Spanish. Independently of which one you choose, you will always be able to enjoy our high quality standards in education:

First, our teachers will offer you alternatives and suggestions, always adapting the content to the student’s needs and not simply following a fixed teaching plan as many schools do. Second the classes will be complemented by a comprehensive school activities programme, that is always related to the learned content and to our focus on making you learn the language in a natural surrounding. Third we will comfort you with a friendly and vibrant atmosphere at our school.

Furthermore we believe in the importance of diversity and quality of the teaching materials used. Therefore the classes will be held with the support of interactive whiteboards, adequate school books and Spanish learning materials created by our teachers. Not to be forgotten is the fact that all our teaching staff are native Spanish as well as highly educated and experienced in their profession.      

Please notice: If you have any special needs in learning or any disabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us in advance. We will be glad to provide you with an option to learn Spanish, that is adapted to your needs.

Spanish Levels


The courses at SMS Spanish Experience, as well as our teaching plans are based on the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment”, short CEFR, which was established by the Council of Europe.

According to the CEFR system, the knowledge of a foreign language can be divided into six reference levels for competence:


Beginner level


Elementary level


Intermediate level


Upper intermediate level


Advanced level  



According to the standards of the Instituto Cervantes, every level is divided into several sub-levels. Level A1 and A2 have 4 sub-levels, level B1 has 5 and B2 has 6, to reach level C1 there must be 8 sub-levels completed.     

Please notice: We do not offer Intensive Courses for students with level C2, but we will be happy to teach them in individual classes. This is because we believe, that at such a high command of Spanish language, the best way of teaching you is individually with focus on your personal needs and interests.  

Determination of language levels


The distribution of our students is based on the requirements of the levels mentioned above. Therefore every student with previous knowledge must do a written and oral level test to make sure, that we can place you in the level that corresponds to your skills. However there is no reason to be afraid of pressure to fulfill some rigid requirements. The levels are simply an orientation, that helps us to teach you in the best way we can.

Also there are no regular tests or final exams. Should you wish to know your exact level or to receive a certificate of participation, you will be required to take a level test at the end of the course. Also please notice, that we cannot issue official level certificates for you, as these are only obtainable when you realise the official DELE exam of your corresponding Spanish language level in a DELE test center. However we will be glad to help you with your preparation for the DELE exam.

If you have questions or wish to receive more information, just contact us.

Natural Spanish Teaching Method