Kids Courses

Children have an incredible ability to learn a foreign language and put it into practise. Very often they outrun adults in speed and capacity of learning. Nevertheless, they need support on their way to being fluent and this is, where we can help!


We offer a variety of Spanish course programs for younger learners, which are exclusively adapted to their needs and abilities. This shall ensure, that children can learn the Spanish language in a playful, but yet effective way in order to either have an easier daily life in Tenerife or to succeed with speaking Spanish in their home countries. The classes will be held by a native teacher, who is specialised in teaching children and who will take care of them during the lessons.

School programme support

Spanish language classes can be hard, especially for foreign children living in Tenerife and attending public or private schools. We can help your child in overcoming the fear of failing in examination and will support her or him with extra tuition in Spanish language. In these classes we usually focus on difficulties, missing knowledge, problems, exam preparation and a lot of practise. However, we value the best methods after getting to know each young student individually, in order to provide the best school support possible.   

Summer vacation camp for kids

Have you moved to Tenerife and would you like to enroll your child somewhere, where it can improve her or his Spanish skills? Are you thinking about enjoying a vacation in Tenerife and maybe have some time on your own, whilst knowing your child in good hands? Then our Summer camp for kids are your choice! During this camp children will learn Spanish in a playful and exciting way whilst having a fun time with other kids. They will be taking part in Spanish classes and activities all the time, whilst being supervised by our experienced staff.

Group courses

Learning together is fun! That is why we offer group classes not only for adults, but also for children. Like this kids with Spanish knowledge of the same level will be brought together and can experience Spanish language in all its aspects together with their peers.  

Individual classes   


Does your child have learning difficulties, special learning needs or is it necessary for your child to focus on very specific topics during the lessons, then our individual classes might be the best choice for you. During those classes your child will be learning in one-to-one-lesson with an experienced native teacher in order to receive the best support possible.  

If you would like to receive more information about our kids courses, please feel free to contact us.