Kids Courses – “Chinijo Club”

Children have an incredible ability to learn a foreign language and put it into practice. Very often they outrun adults in speed and capacity of learning. Nevertheless, they need support on their way to become fluent and here is where we can help!

We offer a variety of Spanish course programs for younger learners, which are exclusively adapted to their needs and abilities. This shall ensure, that children can learn the Spanish language in a playful, but yet effective way in order to either have an easier daily life in Tenerife or to succeed with speaking Spanish in their home countries. The classes will be held by a native teacher, who is specialised in teaching children and who will take care of them during the lessons.

Primary Objectives of the “Chinijo Club”:

  • To learn Spanish in a healthy, friendly and multicultural environment.
  • To experience Spanish culture and traditions under the supervision of a qualified staff of counselors and coaches.
  • To discover Tenerife! Explore our culture, landscapes, cuisine, history and more.
  • To offer a wide range of enriching cultural activities that encourage students to build individual character, confidence and skills.
  • To instill the values of teamwork and individual responsibility.
  • To experience every day as a new, exciting adventure.
  • To have an incredible time and enjoy themselves to the fullest!

Group courses

Learning together is fun! That is why we offer group classes (I10 course) not only for adults, but also for children. Like this, kids with Spanish knowledge of the same level, will be brought together and can experience Spanish language in all its aspects together with their peers.

Individual classes   

Does your child have learning difficulties, special learning needs or is it necessary for your child to focus on very specific topics during the lessons? Then our individual classes might be the best choice for you. During those classes your child will be learning in one-to-one-lesson with an experienced native teacher in order to receive the best support possible.  

School programme support

Spanish language classes can be hard, especially for foreign children living in Tenerife and attending public or private schools. We can help your child in overcoming the fear of failing in examination and will support her or him with extra tuition in Spanish language. In these classes we usually focus on difficulties, missing knowledge, problems, exam preparation and a lot of practise. However, we value the best methods after getting to know each young student individually, in order to provide the best school support possible.   

Summer Camp

Besides our regular courses and under demand, during the school holidays we offer Spanish Summer Camp for children between 8 and 12 years old who travel with their parents and want to do something different. From Monday to Friday the children have a regular I10 course in order to acquire some basic theoretical understanding of Spanish. After a nice snack, the children enjoy diverse cultural activities that will not only help them to apply their knowledge of Spanish, but also give them a unique chance to experience another culture. The schedule will be from 09:30 – 13:30.

This is a unique opportunity for our younger students to learn Spanish and to experience a great time in Tenerife.

Our well-structured program combines Spanish language lessons, as well as leisure and cultural activities, making this course a real educational experience for youngsters.

All participants will participate, from one to eight weeks, in cultural activities and enjoy the lifestyle in Tenerife, creating a perfect atmosphere for the development of language skills and cultural exchange.

What do we offer:

Up to 8 weeks of learning program (July and August). The program includes one “tutor” for every 8-10 students, providing 10 Spanish lessons + 10 hours of cultural activities.

  • Language learning based on an action-oriented approach.
  • Small groups ensuring active participation.
  • Age-appropriate curriculum and materials.
  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Specially trained, native instructors.
  • Midday Snack
  • Different cultural activities to reinforce what has been learned in class: cooking workshops, dance, traditional Canarian games, crafts, sports, etc.

(Please take into account that due to organisational matters inscription will be closed four weeks before course starting date)

If you would like to receive more information about our kids courses, please feel free to contact us.