At SMS Spanish Experience we focus on providing the best education possible and to make your stay in Tenerife a great experience, we offer services of our selected partner companies, that provide varied accommodation options.

A well-located, high quality accommodation is an important part of your journey and we want you to feel comfortable. That is why we only cooperate with accommodation providers we personally know to ensure you get the high standard you deserve.
You can choose out of the following options:

Host Family

If you really want to make most out of your language course, a host family is the best option. You can experience a unique insight into daily life of native speakers, learn about their culture and – of course – practise your language skills extensively after your lessons. Our students find this full immersion a very rewarding experience, as it significantly helps to improve your Spanish level and do it in a fun way. Whether you prefer to make new friends and share many moments with the family or whether you prefer to spend your time independently and not bound to anyone – a host family in Tenerife is a great accommodation choice.       
All our host families are carefully interviewed by our staff and chosen for their friendliness and care for our students. Also they are within walking range from the school. During the homestay you will be living in your own room and sharing the living room and kitchen with the family. You can choose to enjoy a stay with breakfast, half board or full board.  

Holiday Apartment

If you prefer to be even more independent and also to take care of your own food, a holiday apartment might be the right choice for you. Tenerife offers a wide range of apartment complexes with fully equipped holiday apartments. You will have your own kitchen, a TV, a community pool and other amenities to ensure, that your stay will be comfortable. Most of the apartments are within driving range, so you will need approximately 15-30 minutes by bus or by car to arrive to the school.


Tenerife south is well-known for its variety of high-end hotels, that serve to any type of demands. To facilitate your search, we can organise your stay with our highly-regarded travel agency who we partner with. This will allow to ensure that you will only be recommended the best hotels of your desired category. Depending on the location of your hotel, it will take you approximately 15-30 minutes by car or by bus to get to our school.

Rural house

Probably the most exotic and traditional way of accommodation in Tenerife are the rural houses. Those are preserved and completely refurbished country houses in the outskirts of the urban areas, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the island. All rural houses are completely equipped to a high standard and within driving range of the language school. However, the hiring of a rental car will be necessary, as these houses usually are not served by public transport.  

Please notice: We highly recommend you to book your accommodation in advance due to high demand.   


Having a pick-up at the airport arranged when you are landing in an unfamiliar country may be quite comforting. We partner with a local transportation company to ensure you can have a transfer from airport to your accommodation available shall you wish to. This shuttle service will then pick you up from airport, whether Tenerife North or Tenerife South and will bring you to your accommodation. No waiting times, no struggling with your luggage, no stress searching the address of your stay.  

If you wish us to organise an accommodation option for you, please let us know when you contact us or when filling-in the booking form. For pricing information please see our prices & dates.