Conversation Spanish Courses



Conversation Courses


 Teaching method

The Conversation Courses are the most pragmatic learning experience you can get at our school. Conversation courses are usually taken by students who want to use and improve their speaking and listening skills. Their needs are different from students who take ordinary textbook-based classes.

You will be together with a few other students and the teacher once or twice a week. This way you can improve your language skills in a frequent and steady manner, allowing you to learn Spanish beside your normal daily and working life.

The classes are held from Monday to Friday, at the time and day that the group chooses. The group has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 participants, and to participate, the student has to have a minimum level of A2. Conversation Courses can take place during the whole year, given the minimum number of participants for group.

A course always has the duration of 8 classes (1h30min each)  with the possibility to extend, if the group members wish so. Students choose conversation topics and are guided by a teacher.

Conversation Course

You receive:

  • 8 Spanish Conversation Classes (the duration of 1 class is 1h30 minutes). The course will be held as soon as a minimum of 3 participants has enrolled.
  • Classes with a native and well experienced teacher.
  • Classes focus on communication and fluency.
  • Student directed: student choice of topics.
  • Small group (3 – 8 students).
  • Course times, that are adapted to the needs of all group participants.
  • Material as well as a book for lessons is included in the inscription fee.
  • Free participation in school activities.

Suitable for:

Any student, who lives in Tenerife permanently or part-time and who would like to improve his/her Spanish skills beside a full working or daily life schedule.

If you would like to join one of our next Conversation Courses or if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.