Millions of people all around the world speak and learn Spanish. As you are reading this, you are thinking about being one of them, right? So pay attention now, because we’ll show you, why you definitely should learn Spanish!


It is a simple question, but it has a high importance: Why shall you study Spanish? Why not opt for other nice languages such as French (so romantic!) or Japanese (so exotic!)?

To give you a response on this significant question, we would like to encourage you, to take a step back and have a view on the wider picture. Because seeing all benefits of a language at once gives more motivation to learn it. And of course we want you to be motivated to learn Spanish!  

There are many reasons, why studying Spanish can be advantageous for your personal and professional life. To save you the investigation work, just for you we prepared a summary of the most important ones:

10 good reasons why to learn Spanish


1) According to Instituto Cervantes it is the world’s second most spoken language with more than 470 million native speakers and more than 560 million speakers who learned it as foreign language. Just imagine, how many people you can talk to as soon as you know Spanish! 


2) It is official language in 21 different countries spread on 3 continents. Also it is an official language in numerous international organisations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation, the European Union and many more. 


3) In Europe it is the third most studied language, in America it is even the first most studied language. That is, because Spanish is known as an easy language to learn, especially for language learners coming from latin-influenced countries. The Spanish grammar is simple and Spanish vocabulary is very abundant, so that you can already communicate a lot when still studying at the beginner levels. 


4) After English, Spanish is the third most used language on the internet and second on social networks. Again, just think about the amount of information and personal contacts you have access to when knowing the language!  


5) Due to the high number of Spanish speakers and their importance on the market, many foreign companies expand to the Spanish-speaking countries. So, being able to speak Spanish is becoming more and more a cultural and business necessity. Therefore learning Spanish may give your career a big push.


6) It makes travelling a whole lot easier. Wherever you go, there will surely be someone speaking Spanish! Spanish language will enhance the experiences you will have during your journey.


7) Speaking Spanish will open the door to a rich, beautiful and historically important culture. You will learn more about the country, where Spaniards like Pablo Picasso and Miguel de Cervantes came from.


8) Talking about the culture, speaking Spanish you will be able to enjoy a different approach to Spanish books, movies and art. Many of the most popular artworks of the modern age have been created by artists of Spanish origin. And although you find translations of the famous book “Don Quijote” by Miguel de Cervantes or of the well-known movies from directors like Pedro Almodóvar- the best experience is always the original version.


9) It will train your brain for learning other languages. Speaking Spanish will provide you an easy start into learning French, Italian and Portuguese, that all have a latin-based syntax. Furthermore studies have proofed, that learning a language enforces your attention, intelligence and your ability to learn more languages.


10) Simply because Spanish is fun! Speaking, hearing and understanding it will enrichen your life – and that is what we want!

We can even give you one more, additional and very special reason why it is good to learn Spanish: Because you can learn it with us :)!

Are you motivated now, but don’t know, how to start? Contact us and we will help you to make your Spanish experience!

Your SMS Spanish Experience Team