Why is it a roller coaster? Well, because learning a language is full of ups and downs. It also makes us face our insecurities and fears. Learning Spanish is a process full of positive emotions and frustrations, the moments of clarity and total confusion.

At the very beginning any foreign language seems very difficult to learn. Students often come to the first date with a new language full of fear (pretty much like any other first date) about the pronunciation and complexity of grammar. Thus we often enter the first class full of preconceptions about the language.

We slowly progress through the first lessons: basic grammar, phonetics and vocabulary. In no time, we  start to understand, the fears are dissipating and we regain self-confidence and security. That is when first obstacle is defeated and frustrations dissipate, we accept the logic of Spanish language. It begins to work its way into our minds, we feel that first “rush” that makes us believe that it is not as difficult as we had imagined it. Soon we find ourselves back in comfort zone and, hence, start thinking that we will be fluent in Spanish in no time.

Then things start to get more complicated and more complex structures appear and make us return that the initial frustration. As a result we find ourselves in the learning pit again.

Don’t we all have a false belief that the more we know, the easier it is?


But how to overcome the ups and downs in the learning process?

To be successful in your learning you have to count on two very important things, your motivation and a good teaching method.

Motivation is fundamental to your success and this will depend to a large extent on how you approach the language.
The best way to start learning a language from zero is with a good professional by your side.
A good teacher will guide you out of those moments of frustration. At any stage of learning a language it is easy to fall into a cycle of: “I do not understand…”, “I will not be able to…”, “It is very difficult…”,  and etc. He or she will reinforce your success moments and help you in your little failure moments. Your teacher will make sure you do not stay to long in your comfort zone and yet do not fall into panic zone. It will help you maintain your motivation. And motivation is a defining factor of your success in becoming fluent in Spanish or any other language.

In the moments of frustration, teacher will often help you to go back to your conquered grounds. By recovering the knowledge that you already have and dominating it, you are guided to a point where you feel you can do it. You should always remember that if you have been able to understand before, you can do it again. In short, a good teacher can give you a “boost” of positive energy, show you what you are not able to see for yourself and remind you why you like to learn.

For this reason we can say that learning Spanish is like riding a roller coaster. You go up and down depending on the difficulty of the topic, your assessments and how you deal with complications. There is no easy or difficult language to learn, each of them is beautiful and requires different learning mechanism to bring you to success.


Come to our school and we will help you to enjoy your Spanish learning roller coaster ride and make it the best Spanish Experience ever!