Why Tenerife?

The answer is very easy:

Because it is the perfect destination for your language course. It is that simple.

However just in case, you would like to have a more detailed explanation, we prepared something for you.

Tenerife is an exotic island, where sunny days are normal

Tenerife forms a part of the Canary Islands, an archipelago situated 100 km west of the African continent in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the biggest of the 7 main islands with a surface of 2034,38 km². Thanks to the diverse geographical and meteorological conditions, the island provides a mild and warm climate with lots of sunshine throughout the whole year. No wonder, that people like to call Tenerife “ the Island of eternal spring”.

You can study at the beach after classes

The great weather brings us to the next point. How does it sound to you, to do a language course with a picturesque backdrop of majestic mountain tops and where you can complete your homework at the beach afterwards? Here it is possible! Tenerife offers fascinating and amazingly beautiful landscapes. From the extinct volcano Mt. Teide in the center of the island, up to green pine and laurel forests as well as black and white beaches. It is impossible to get bored in Tenerife, as there is so much natural beauty to discover and enjoy.

Tenerife, a wonderful place to learn Spanish

Canarian Spanish is a variant of standard Spanish spoken in the Canary Islands and really similar to Western Andalusian and to Caribbean Spanish and other Hispanic American Spanish. Canarian Spanish is the only Spanish dialect in Spain to be called usually español, instead of castellano.
Canarian Spanish heavily influenced the development of Caribbean Spanish and other Latin American Spanish variants because Hispanic America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands were originally largely settled by colonists from the Canary Islands and Andalusia.

The Spanish spoken in the Canary islands is very close to the one spoken in peninsular Spain, but the accent is very much the same as in South American countries, that means you can learn the most common variant among Spanish speakers.

Fly like an eagle and swim like a dolphin

As we are talking about discovering Tenerife – Did you know, that the underwater landscape with its superb spots for divers is unique in the world? Have you heard, that paragliders love the island for the thermal winds and spectacular views? Did you know that surfers celebrate the Atlantic Waves in Tenerife, that lead to many international contests being held every year? And there is yet so much more you can do: there are several golf courses, you can go rock climbing, hiking or play tennis in the sun. You can watch whales and dolphins in their natural habitat or you can visit Europe’s best zoo, Loro Park or the world’s best water park, Siam Park. The possibilities to spend a great time in this island are endless.

Living in Tenerife means meeting happy people and learn about their culture

Tenerife has a long and rich history. Even today people cherish the legacy of the Guanches who were the aboriginal people. The influences of Spanish colonialism are visible in many of the buildings. There are also many new, modern and international aspects, that have blended with the traditional past. In tenerife many people from very different countries have lived together and continue to do so today in a safe and harmonious society.

So, the result is an island with a special identity. Here you can not only learn Spanish. In Tenerife you can learn a complete new way of life whilst being surrounded by open-minded, friendly, international people, who are happy to live here and who would like to share this feeling with you.

Travelling was never so easy and safe

Tenerife provides two airports, one in the south for the majority of all touristic flights and another airport in the north, mainly handling flights to the Spanish Peninsula and the other Canary Islands. There are hundreds of flight possibilities to Tenerife of every price range, provided by several airline companies. Additionally, there are two harbours offering sea transfer to the Spanish Peninsula and the other islands.

Once you have arrived you will find a public bus system, relatively cheap taxis and rental cars that will help you to move around. There are plenty of accommodation possibilities for every budget and prices for food are very economic in comparison to other touristic destinations. As Tenerife belongs politically to Spain, it is part of the European Union with its high legal standards and with the Euro as currency.

As for security, Spain is one of the safest destinations in Europe, and Tenerife as an island anyway. The likelihood of a terrorist attack is very low compared to other European countries and the crime rate in Tenerife is even lower than the Spanish average.

We could keep on with this list, but in our opinion this is not relevant. Because the best way to find out, why Tenerife is perfect to study Spanish, is to come here and experience it yourself!