In this new entry of our blog, we are going to talk about the smallest of the house, the children. Learning a new language for them can be either a complex task or a game, it all depends on the way you deal with it.

The main reasons why many children learn Spanish are: they change their country and the official language is Spanish or because their parents want them to learn a second language.

Whatever the reason might be, the key lies in the way parents present this idea to their children and how the teachers organize the classes, that is, the methodology they use.

We can’t forget that children are children and besides learning new things they need to enjoy their free time: playing, interacting with more children, going to the park, etc.

Sometimes, some parents worry too much about Spanish classes, more classes equal better results, and this provokes in the child a feeling of rejection that is quite strong. They see Spanish classes as a punishment from their parents, they have to go to some classes and learn something they don’t want to, simply because their parents think it’s a good idea. Base in our professional experience we think the best way to introduce Spanish lessons to children is presenting Spanish lessons as an extra fun activity more like basketball, soccer, dance, etc., so the child wouldn’t feel pressured and his/her attitude would be very different. With a positive attitude, the child would come wanting to learn and have fun. This way it is much easier and more comfortable for the teacher and the child, and the results are quite good. Teach children who don’t want to learn is an arduous task.

Children learn very quickly and, if they are very young, by repetition. They are very sociable and are continuously in contact with the language, simply with some weekly Spanish classes to reinforce and expand knowledge, it will be more than enough. Everything depends on the age and the individual characteristics of each child.

Our advice will always be that children don’t see “learning Spanish” as a punishment but as something positive. There is no need to worry about the child learning Spanish fast and well. Activities as simple as listening and singing songs in Spanish or watching cartoons in Spanish are very fun for them and make them learn while having fun.

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