Every beginning is hard. Do you feel desperate when listening to Spanish and thinking “I will never be able to say this”? We have good news for you: Yes you will!


Depending on your origin, the Spanish alphabet pronunciation may result easier or a little more difficult to you. But that does not prevent you from learning it step by step and later on becoming more and more comfortable when saying something in Spanish. Also a correct pronunciation can help you to avoid misunderstandings when communicating with native speakers.  


Today we would like to start with you from scratch and show you the Spanish alphabet pronunciation from A to Z.


Please notice: The actual speaking habits may vary throughout Spain due to the existence of different dialects.  



The Spanish alphabet pronunciation


Letter Pronunciation Phoneme Example Word
A a /a/ Amigo
B be /b/ Bola
C ce /k/; /θ/ – /s/ Casa
(CH)* che /ch/ Peluche
D de /d/ Dorada
E e /e/ Exacto
F efe /f/ Fería
G ge /ɡ/; /x/ – /h/ Gris
H hache muda Hola
I i /i/ Isla
J jota /x/ – /h/ Jóven
K ka /k/ Kilo
L ele /l/; /ʎ/ Lavar
(LL)* elle /ll/ /y/ Calle
M eme /m/ Madre
N ene /n/ Nombre
Ñ eñe /ɲ/ Mañana
O o /o/ Obra
P pe /p/ Puente
Q cu /k/ Queso
R / (RR)* Ere / erre /r/; /ɾ/ Rebaja / Perro
S ese /s/ Sábado
T te /t/ Torro
U u /u/ Usuario
V uve /b/ Vaca
W uve doble /(ɡ)u/ Web
X equis /ks/, /s/ Xenón
Y i griega /ʝ/, /dʒ/, [ʃ~ʒ], /i/, /j/ Ya
Z zeta /θ/ – /s/ Zapato


Letters marked with * are not official letters of the alphabet, but digraphs.


You still cannot imagine, how to pronounce the letters correctly? Have a look at this video:




After having learned the Spanish alphabet pronunciation, you are now ready to start learning your first words in Spanish! If you are not feeling confident by learning on your own, just contact us and we will help you.



Your SMS Spanish Experience Team