In this blog post we will give you an insight, so that choosing your Spanish course will be much easier.

Decision made – you want to visit a language school to improve your Spanish skills or start learning the language. But then always comes this crucial and sometimes even uncomfortable moment, when you have to make a second and very important decision: Which course type should you choose for your stay at the Spanish language school?

This decision is a very personal one and differs according to your wishes, needs and expectations. However we can tell from longyear experience, that most language students tend to go for Spanish intensive courses. But why?

H3: What is Spanish intensive course?

When talking about an intensive course we literally mean a quite intense learning experience. Our intensive courses take place from Monday to Friday, with lessons being held every day. There are two different options to choose from, the Intensive-10 course and the Intensive-20 course. This means, you will either have 10 or even 20 lessons per week. With a duration of 45 minutes per lesson, this will assure you 1,5 hours of daily classes in the Intensive-10 and 3 hours of daily classes in the Intensive-20. That is a lot of time to improve your Spanish!

Both course options are group courses, so you will not be on your own in the class. Together with maximum 6 (Intensive-10) or 8 (Intensive-20) other students – mostly it is even less – you will use the time in the most effective way. Your native teacher will make sure that you speak, listen and understand Spanish language. This will be done by personal interaction, with new study books, interactive material, conversation practice and much more. Everything is adapted to your Spanish level, so that you can start from where you are and progress as much as possible.

A Spanish intensive course has many advantages

As you may have realised, a Spanish intensive course might have a huge impact on your learning process. Learning every day many hours sounds like playing it safe to be able to speak Spanish. But beside the general characteristics of the intensive course, there are many more reasons, why this type of Spanish course may be the best option for you.

Here are some of the advantages of a Spanish intensive course:

  • Timewise – Many students stay in Tenerife only for a limited time. With an intensive course you can make sure to get most out of your stay and improve a lot in few days. Also it is shorter intervals inbetween classes than in other course types.
  • Good preparation – Are you planning to attend a Spanish exam such as the DELE certification or do you need to show a certain language level for your career? An intensive course will bring you on track for you to reach your goals quickly. With the Intensive-20 you will be able to ascend one sublevel per week, conform to the system established by the Instituto Cervantes.
  • Approach – The constant but not too heavy input of new knowledge assures, that you will steadily improve your Spanish skills from day to day. You do not have to keep waiting for your next lesson in a few days, but you can already keep on with the material on the next day.
  • Learning atmosphere – Being surrounded by a native teacher and other motivated students will help you to stay tuned. There is no chance to lean back and escape from practising. It may sound harsh, but that is what will make you speak the language.
  • Full immersion – Being exposed everyday to Spanish language, its grammar, history and culture will make you learn it more effectively. You can exercise recently learned patterns easily, you will be persistently stimulated with new facts and you will have plenty of opportunities to try communicating with locals.

Economic situation – This aspect may not be left behind, as is is still an important one. Many people have a look at the week price of an intensive course and tend to think, that taking only a few lessons instead would be cheaper. False. Booking an intensive course makes the price per lesson actually much cheaper! And you will get a lot for your money!

Of course an intensive course may not be the first choice for everyone, but if the reasons mentioned above sound interesting to you and if you want to be a crack in speaking Spanish in short time, then you should consider going for it. Because you can study as much as you want, practising a language with a native speaker will always be your baptism of fire – and an intensive course prepares you best for this situation.

Are you thinking about doing an intensive course with us or do you have more questions about it? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

See you soon in Tenerife,


Your SMS Spanish Experience Team