It is every language learner’s dream to be able to communicate with a native speaker of a foreign language without having any difficulties. It is the same with the Spanish language. Imagine being able to talk with a Spaniard fluently! Imagine, to be able to understand the beautiful language, to reflect the vibrating melody and to speak passionately – that sounds great, doesn’t it? But the big question is:       

How to speak Spanish fluently?


Well, first there are two things to consider:

  1. If you have a gift for languages and
  2. Your motivation to work hard.


One of our school’s values is anybody can learn. And although we strongly believe in this, we also have to admit that not everybody can learn the same way. Some people are lucky to have a gift for languages, while others might need a little more time or more effort to reach the same. Therefore, the lapse of time of 6 months about may not be applicable to everybody and thus has more an orientative meaning. Maybe you’ll need more or less time than that.      

The necessary time to be able to speak Spanish fluently goes hand in hand with your motivation to learn. Learning a foreign language means effort and improving your level to being fluently requires even more effort. Consequently it will take you longer to get there if your motivation to work for it is quite low.

But now, after having set the conditions, let’s have a look at…

Tricks to become fluent in Spanish

Be surrounded by native Spanish speakers

This one may be self-evident, but there are still many language learners, who do not use it. It is scientifically and practically proven, that a constant contact with a language helps you, to learn it faster and in depth. Therefore, being surrounded by Native Spanish speakers is a significant help to speak Spanish fluently in short time. Communicate with them on a constant basis and you will experience positive results very soon.

There are several ways to achieve it, even without living in a Spanish speaking country. Here are some examples:

  • Make a language-learning holiday in a Spanish speaking country;
  • Search for Spanish friends, local language groups or Tandem partners (for example at universities);
  • Take online classes with a native teacher;
  • Look for job, study or volunteering opportunities in a Spanish speaking country.

The most important part of this trick is, that you will need to avoid speaking your own language. Try to communicate with your counterpart in Spanish, even though you might be missing some vocabulary. You will be surprised, how much you can learn in short time and how easily you will get used to speaking Spanish.

Be surrounded by the Spanish language

Speaking is a big part of learning a foreign language. But so are also the listening, reading and comprehension of a language. You can practise all them in your daily life without having to change your habits drastically.

You don’t know how? Here are some ideas:

  • Watch Spanish movies;
  • Listen to Spanish music;
  • Read Spanish newspapers or magazines;
  • Practise Spanish with the help of language apps.

All these and other ways will contribute to your learning progress significantly, if you mix them with your language studies.

If you can manage to combine being surrounded by native Spanish speakers and by the Spanish language itself, you will be able to become fluent in 6 months (given that you will put efforts into study).

But there is also an option, which combines both aspects in an easy and comfortable manner:

Attend a Spanish intensive course

If you are able to invest some time and money in your language studies, you should consider attending a Spanish intensive course to be able to speak Spanish fluently in a couple of months.

Spanish intensive courses are designed to convey in a short time frame a high amount of learning content. We cannot explain you how other language schools do it, but in our school this means:

  • You will receive either 20 or 10 lessons per week. This means, you will study either 3 hours or 1,5 hours per day. If you choose the version with 20 lessons, you will achieve one sublevel per week (according to the study system established by Instituto Cervantes).
  • You will learn with a qualified native teacher, who is experienced in teaching Spanish to foreigners and who can help you with specific difficulties that learners of your country may have when studying Spanish.
  • You will be surrounded by Spanish in all manners – you will be communicating with native speakers, you will listen, read and understand Spanish. Maybe you will even star seeing dreams in Spanish at some point ;).
  • You will immerse into the language thanks to our teaching method, our school activities and – if you like – by taking part at our learning programme “Colega Español”.

In this sense a Spanish intensive course offers you everything you need to become fluent in Spanish in very short time. I you want to give it a go with us – simply contact us! 🙂


So, if you have wondered how to speak Spanish fluently in 6 months, we hope that you will now have an idea of what to do for it. Be prepared for a lot of work – but also be prepared for the splendid new world of the Spanish language you are about to enter. If you need 10 reasons to learn Spanish just follow the link.   


We wish you much success!


Your SMS Spanish Experience Team