Are you asking yourself: I want to learn Spanish, what should I do?


We cannot tell you what to do – this will be your very own and very personal decision.

But we can give you some hints, of what we believe, must be essential steps on your way to answer this question for yourself.

1) Set your mind


You have made the first and most important step: You realised that speaking Spanish is so awesome, that you want to be able to speak it as well! Congratulations!

(For all those, who are still doubting right now, if this is the right decision – have a look at our list of 10 good reasons why to learn Spanish now)

So you want to learn Spanish. Now what? So many possibilities, so much to learn, so many ways. You feel already exhausted, before you even started, right?

In this situation the best thing to is set your mind. Get comfortable, grab a hot coffee (Spanish people love coffee) and just observe your upcoming thoughts when reading the following questions:

  • Are you an enthusiastic learner, who is disciplined enough to stick to study plans and self-motivation, until you reach your goal? Or are you more of the relaxed type, learning a little whenever possible and even better, if someone pushes you on the way?
  • How do you usually learn best and memorize things the easiest way? Just by listening or by writing? Learning things by heart or just learning while doing?
  • How hard do you want to go for it? Is it just for fun or do you need to learn Spanish in a certain time frame, e.g. for your job or for travel?

Hold tight to the ideas that you just had and let´s go to the next step:

2) Choose out of many possible ways the best one for you


Some say, to really learn Spanish you have to go to a Spanish-speaking country and practise the language in daily life with natives (which is obviously one of the ways we support the most).

Others say, you can easily learn at home by watching Spanish movies or by using study apps.

Some say, you need a teacher, who can show and explain you things in an understandable and correct way and who can support and motivate you in your learning process (tadaaaa – surprisingly we agree).

Others say, you can perfectly do it on your own, the good old autodidactic way.

Fact is: You are the only one, who knows, what you shall do, because there is plenty of opportunities to learn Spanish.

Local and international Spanish courses, Online classes, Apps, Movies, Tandem partners, books and so on.   

Match the ideas that came up to your mind before with possible ways to learn Spanish. Is there a method, that accords with your preferred way of studying?


3) Go for it!


Don’t waste time waiting for someone or something! Life is short and amazing and it will be even better when you speak Spanish.

You liked the idea to practise a little every day with an app? Fabulous – download it!

You prefer to stick to books and online material? Great – get it!

You like to learn Spanish lessons in Tenerife with a native teacher, in great surrounding and totally adapted to your needs? Spectacular – Contact us! 😉

However you would like to learn Spanish, go for it and give it a try. You will surely not be disappointed by this beautiful language. The best Tenerife Spanish school is waiting for you.

Make the step from “I want to learn Spanish, what should I do?” to “I want to learn Spanish and I know exactly what to do!”


We wish you much success and we hope, we can support you on this mission!

Your SMS Spanish Experience Team