Yes, we are a Spanish language school. Yes, we are going to recommend you 7 of the best websites for learning Spanish for free.

Sounds contradictory, right?


Of course we would never recommend you to rely on those best websites as a sole resource for learning Spanish for free! There are several reasons for that. Probably, the most important one being, that a website can never teach you Spanish language in the way, a teacher with personal approach at a Spanish school could do it. You will probably miss conversation practice, courses will be neither complete, nor adaptable to your individual needs. And of course we are sure that we can do it much better 😉


Those free websites are a useful addition to your learning. Whether you have just completed a Spanish course and would like to keep on practising or you want to get an idea about the language before taking the final decision to take a course – those websites can give you first insight and orientation. And the best is, that they are free! So, here we go.


List of the best websites for learning Spanish for free

1.) Duolingo


We already presented you Duolingo as one of the great apps to learn languages on the go. But you do not necessarily need to use it as application on your mobile devices, you can also use the webpage itself to get started. Just choose Spanish as desired language, set your daily study measure and directly begin to learn first Spanish exercises.     

2.) FluentU

FluentU is a very practical oriented learning platform, as they use real world videos from Youtube to help people learn Spanish. They are classified by language and video type such as news extract, music video or TV show. Also the videos are refined by added transcriptions, dictionary options and vocabulary exercises. You can sign up and try it for free, later on you can keep using it for a monthly fee.   

3.) LingQ

LingQ is a study platform with a big variety of learning material such as games, free video lessons, vocabulary lists and cultural information. You can begin with a free account and study with the free exercises. Other features and unlimited vocabulary options will be accessible with a premium membership.

4.) Digital Dialects

This website offers numerous different dialects to learn. Choose Spanish and then your desired learning category. You will be directed to vocabulary exercises that have been created with much detail and that also provide audio files of each word to assure the right understanding of the pronunciation. Some of them even include small games.   

5.) Curso de español

This website is entirely dedicated to the studying of Spanish by the English speakers. You can watch different movies with dialogue transcriptions and translations into English, you can do exercises practising different forms and uses or you can make use of the extensive grammar chapters.

6.) BBC Languages – Spanish

Although this page has been archived and will not be updated, it still presents plenty of material to Spanish learners. From primary Spanish, up to interactive video courses and even a guide for slang – here you will find a lot of ressources to practise at home.

7.) Lingus

Lingus is the second platform in this list, that has specialised in learning by videos and to be more specific, they want you to learn by watching TV. Choose your level and then a category, that is interesting to you. Then you can enjoy the free video, transcriptions, translations and notes.
Now you know the 7 best websites for learning Spanish for free and can begin to discover the beauty of this language. However we would like you to mention it one more time: Visit the websites for an introduction or support and visit us for complete Spanish experience! 🙂

If you are thinking about how to speak Spanish fluently just check our Spanish courses in Tenerife.


Your Spanish Experience Team