Have you ever thought about learning or improving your Spanish, but got somehow confused about which of many ways to choose?


We wanted to give you a first orientation about the topic and hope, it will be of help to you.

So, what is the best way to learn Spanish?


First and foremost many different sources and common experience agree, that having a Spanish girlfriend or a Spanish boyfriend will definitely help you to learn and improve your Spanish significantly.


However this method might not be the most appropriate one for everybody. Nevertheless and to put it more general, you should try to practise with native speakers as often and as much as you can.  


This will not only train your application of the language, but it will also widen your vocabulary and broaden your knowledge about it. You can listen carefully to how they pronounce words and the way they speak, what will help you when trying to speak yourself.


The reason, why practising with a native speaker is seen as very efficient, is the fact a full immersion to the language is often considered as the best way to learn Spanish.    


What means a full immersion into Spanish language?


Often we tend to understand by a full immersion some kind of drastic exposure to the language, for example by being surrounded by Spanish people without being able to speak a single word.
Even though such a hard confrontation with the language might bring effects as well, we would still like you to opt for a more varied type of immersion. Because otherwise you might risk being afraid or frustrated by the language, as things can be overwhelming when trying to practise it without having an idea of it.

So when we talk about a full immersion, we refer to being exposed to the language in a natural way, in order to help your brain assimilate to the language. Make Spanish a regular part of your everyday life.


This can be achieved in many different ways. On the one side you may be willing to work on your theoretical knowledge by assisting a Spanish course or doing self-study with the help of books, webpages and applications.  


Also you should try to implement Spanish media as much as possible in your daily life. Watch Spanish TV-series or movies, listen to Spanish radio stations or read Spanish newspapers and magazines.


On the other hand it is always a good addition to practise the recently learned. This can be done with your Spanish friends, in local groups for language exchanges, with the help of a tandem partner, by travelling to Spain or Spanish speaking countries in Latin America or by taking part of language immersion programmes in a country, where Spanish is the official language.


Of course everybody learns differently and so you will find a certain approach more suitable than the other one. However the main objective of your learning process should be, that you will not only be cramming theoretical knowledge into your head, but that you will be learning by doing.     


So, stop asking “What is the best way to learn Spanish?” – choose the right one for you and have fun learning Spanish!


And just in case you need support with the immersion, feel free to contact us! 🙂

Your SMS Spanish Experience Team